The history of São Roque Balloons began more than 60 years ago, precisely on July 7th 1953. During these more than 60 years, the brand expanded its presence in Brazilian homes, gaining the preference of mothers who want to decorate their parties with quality balloons, and of professional balloon decorators who provide true “wonders in balloon art”, making our children’s dream of a birthday party come true and also adding more color to friends parties and corporate events.

São Roque Balloons stand out for its great durability, resistance after inflated, brightness of colors and national distribution, which makes this the best-selling brand throughout the country, market leader.

Our line of balloons offers a wide portfolio of colors, shapes and sizes, as follows:

  • Line Plain, round shape, in 5, 7, 9 and 11 inches, both in plain and bright colors (Sparkling line);

  • Line Basic, round shape, in 3 (“zero”) and 6.5 inches;

  • Line Crystal, slightly translucent and strong brightness/intensity of colors, in 7 and 9 inches;

  • Line Decorated, with beautiful prints and decorations, mostly in the 9-inch size and also in the 11-inch heart shape “I Love You”;

  • Heart shape, in 6 and 11 inches;

  • Long shape for sculptures, such as flat balloons 1:60 and 2:60, widely used by designers, professional balloon decorators, and also party entertainers and sculptors;

  • Round shape balloons in Giant sizes, available in Giant 250 and Super Giant 350 sizes;

We want to delight everyone, from people in house parties to decorations using tens of thousands of balloons. In order to achieve this, we want to increasingly listen to and interact with our consumers, encourage and promote art with balloons throughout Brazil. São Roque Balloons wants to be part of your parties, either in simple house parties or in professional decorations, with big sculptures. After all, a party without balloons is not complete, full of joy.


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